L’eleganza naturale della donna delle pulizie

61610TheCleaner_2005Webla foto è tratta da Sartorialist, il sito di moda per strada. E’ una delle donne delle pulizie del Pitti. Una eleganza naturale, che ha tanto da insegnare alle ns sgallettate, tutte pretese. Ecco la didascalia che commenta la foto:  “This young lady was one of the cleaning crew at Pitti Uomo. She wore the same green uniform as all the other young cleaning ladies but, as you can imagine, she was the only one that really stood out in that crowd. Of course I really don’t know anything about her but her stylistic choices for her hair, piercings, etc. give us a good place to start. Uniforms are, by nature, an attempt to make people conform to a code. I always find it interesting when people are able to play within the set boundaries of a code while still not totally losing their own uniqueness.”

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